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 "Leatherman Tools Australia" has teamed up with zipPay to let you shop now and pay later for online purchases! zipPay is a simple, secure and convenient payment option that allows you to shop today and pay later for your online purchases.

Shop better, faster & smarter online with zipPay!

 How zipPay works

How Zippay works


  1. Simply select zipPay at the checkout.
  2. Create or sign into your account in seconds and confirm your purchase.
  3. An order is processed by our fulfillment warehouses and delivered to you.
  4. Log into your zipPay account to set up repayments - full payment flexibility to suit your lifestyle!


How can you buy now and pay later with zipPay?

Creating your very own zipPay account is simple! Select zipPay at checkout or get pre-approved now.

All that is required is your social media account and to confirm the details that you would normally enter when shopping online. (e.g. Name, email, mobile, DOB, and gender).

Subject to approval, this process takes only seconds after, which allows you to complete your purchase and pay for it when it suits you!

Once you’re approved for your zipPay shopping account, you can continue to reuse it as much as you like.

Who can create an account?

Any Australian resident who is 18 years or older with at least 2 valid accounts from either Facebook, LinkedIn or PayPal may be eligible for a ZipPay account. You also need a debit card.


 How much does it cost?

At the end of every month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or simply make a payment that suits your budget (note: there is a minimum repayment of $40 per month required). A Monthly Service Fee of $6 applies.

This fee is waived if you pay your balance in full by your due date.

There is no establishment fee to set up your account and it is interest-free! If you have repaid your balance down to $0 by your due date (up to 60 days after your purchase), you will never be charged any additional fees.


What account limits are available with zipPay?

When a customer applies for an account they are allocated a limit up to $1,000. The customer’s limit is automatically assigned to account creation and determined by zipPay's risk and credit lending policy. Account limits available to customers are $250, $500 and $1000.

All zipPay customers are eligible for a limit increase after three months of activity on the account, up to a maximum of $1000. A good repayment history would be beneficial to a limit increase assessment.

 What is the minimum repayment required each month?

The minimum payment required each month is $40 (or balance outstanding, if less than $40), however, you can set your repayments higher if you wish to pay the purchase off quicker.

 How do I make my repayments?

To ensure you never miss a payment, you can set up a direct debit to automatically make repayments. This can be set to run for as much as you like and as frequently as you like (as long as you pay at least the minimum of $40/month, or balance outstanding)

Alternatively, a one-off payment can be made at any time by simply logging into your zipPay Digital Wallet and selecting 'Make a Payment'. Payments can be made online by debit card, credit card or BPAY.

 What if my account limit does not cover the cost of the purchase?

In this instance, you will be prompted to make a co-payment before completing the purchase. A debit or credit card can be used to make the co-payment at the time of the purchase.

I can’t make a purchase!

When making a purchase on your account please ensure:

  • Your account is up to date, as you will not be able to make a purchase when your account is overdue
  • Your personal details in your zipPay account and in the checkout are current and up-to-date.
  • You have the available funds in your account - otherwise, you will be required to cover the difference using a debit card.

If you satisfy these criteria and are still having difficulties, please contact ZipPay when you see the below screen.



Call: 1300 ZIPPAY (1300 947 729)


For more information visit:

 zipPay is a third-party payment method and by utilising this payment method, you are entering in to an agreement with zipPay. Conditions may apply.