The Next Generation of the Wave Multi-Tool

The greatest multi-tool of all time is now just a little bit greater, thanks to our user’s requests.

Everyone knows it: it’s Leatherman’s most popular tool, the Wave. It comes with outside accessible blades, deployable with one-hand and carries 17 essential tools.

Christmas tree cutter. Improvisational jack hook. Beard trimmer. Loose screw tightener. Bottle opener. Whatever the job, the Wave has been saving the day in a thousand different ways for millions of Leatherman fans. Over the years, people have found multi-uses for their favorite multi-tool. The Wave is the subject for hundreds of Tool Tale submitted to the brand, including helping to climb out of icy waters and finding the way to safety after being buried in an avalanche.

“For me, the Wave hits on all cylinders of great design," said Ben Rivera, CEO of Leatherman. “After 20 years of trying to make it better and outdo it, it’s still my favorite multi-tool.  So much of what we make today is built off of what we’ve learned from the Wave."

But a few things were missing…and our fans made sure to tell us about it.

So now, in 2018, the Wave will get an upgrade with features answering the longtime calls of fans.

Introducing: the Leatherman Wave+

This new version of the Wave will include a newly designed set of pliers that includes removable and replaceable 154-cm wirecutters. Additionally, the new Wave+ will come with an improved sheath, redesigned from the ground up for better performance, longer life, and updated styling. In this new sheath, Velcro has been replaced with a premium metal snap which will provide a more secure closure and longer life. Each sheath is made of a high-quality nylon webbing, premium elastic, and reinforced stitching for improved performance, durability, and more dependable fit.

“It’s not an easy task to improve on the greatest multi-tool of all time, but we always look to our fans for inspiration. They’ve been asking for replaceable wire cutters for some time," said Tim Lyden, Sr. Product Manager. “Now the longest-lasting Wave tools will get new life with fresh wire cutters."

Charge+ and Charge+ TTi

Additionally, the Charge and Charge TTi will also be updated in 2018. The Charge+ TTi will receive the updated jaws and improved sheath. Along with the replaceable 154 cm wire cutters, the new Charge+ will include a serrated cutting hook and redesigned aluminum scales.

These three tools will be available in early February at and Leatherman retail partners.

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