5 Fun Projects to Do with Your Kids

While it’s important to keep safety in mind, having your kids help you on projects around the house can be a whole lot of educational fun.

While having fun with all these projects, adults should be the only ones operating power tools and should never leave a child unattended. Here’s a few projects that just scream, “Yes, you can help." See which ones you want to try with your kids.

Make a Chalkboard Wall

This is one of the easiest ways to customize your child’s room and it doesn’t require any power tools. Simply apply a coat of chalkboard paint and create a storage area for different colors of chalk. Then watch your child’s creative side show itself all over the wall. Just be sure to make it clear that only the chalkboard wall is open for your child’s graffiti. You can also use chalkboard paint near the entry/exit point of your home to write reminders and notes to other members of your family.

Build a Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse is a great way to exercise both you and your child’s woodworking skills. Birdhouse designs are available online and range from simple bluebird boxes to elaborate homes for purple martins. Use your skill level and the birds in your area to determine which one is right for you and your child. Besides the time spent measuring, cutting, constructing, and painting a birdhouse, you might be lucky enough to witness a family of birds taking residence in your collaboration.

Create an Organizational Space

These projects have two benefits. You’ll have fun building with your child and enjoy the clutter-free environment that comes with a well-organized room. Options include shoe racks, cubby systems for shoes, coats, and backpacks, and lockers to hide the clutter that drives you crazy. By building these things with your kids, you can use their input to decide where different items should be stored, making it more likely that their stuff will end up where it’s supposed to.

Build Their Own Tool Box

Having their own tools makes kids feel like they are all grown up, but storing those tools with your own can cause clutter and, potentially, be dangerous. Building a rudimentary tool box isn’t very difficult and is a great way to keep your young carpenter’s tools together and organized when not in use.

Working with your children isn’t always easy, but the knowledge and confidence they gain in the process makes it all worthwhile. Give one of these projects a try and you’ll understand how rewarding it is to create something special with someone that’s special to you.

Create the Ultimate Playhouse

Whether you attach it to a tree or build it on posts, a playhouse is a must for every child under the age of ten. By letting them help with the construction, you’ll make the space even more fun and enjoy quality time spent toiling on something your child will enjoy for years to come. Get creative and ask your child for input on what features they would like. Rock walls, slides, various types of swings, and operational windows are a good start.

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